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October 5, 2008

Why Should I Start Dieting?

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Why Should I Start Dieting?

We all know people (and that person is often ourselves) who have tried diet after diet that doesn’t work. Many diets will give you a (sometimes impressive) weight loss in the first few weeks but eventually the weight starts to come back (and often with a few extra pounds). This is very common and often feels like the universe is playing a cruel joke upon you for even trying to lose the weight in the first place!

Why is this? Even on the most popular diets with “rave reviews”, often you will find this “temporary loss” and “return with a vengence” effect. This is because most diets are designed to give you a good weight loss in the first few weeks. Mostly because the majority of these diets cause you to lose body fluids and not fat (which is actually dangerous). Then after your body adjusts to the new diet (or you stop the diet program) your fluids return and add to the fat you were trying to lose. It is at this point you will probably find the scales now weigh you heavier than when you started the diet! The only winner in the end is the company selling you their expensive dieting products.

So first and foremost, the primary objective is to find yourself a diet that works. A sensible diet proven to result in quality weight loss of fat. Otherwise, you can find yourself jumping from “fad” diet to “fad” diet on an endless quest of permanent weight loss that never happens. If you keep on these “fad” diets you might as well believe that there really is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

With so many negatives, you may now ask yourself “Why should I start dieting?”. Well, the good news is, once you have found a sensible diet that works, all you need is to stay on it and keep your motivation and keep a vision on your goals. Even on good diets, we still find people losing their own personal motivation and getting off track. Therefore, it is important to have a vision right now, even before you begin your diet to have a focus of where you want to be.

I suggest keeping a small journal in which you can weigh yourself today (naked if possible for a more accurate reading) and record your weight and today’s date. Put some notes about how you feel. Look at yourself in the mirror and then sit down and write how you feel. Yes, you might get a bit depressed, but that’s actually okay. In many cases you need to be unhappy with the way you are now enough to really want to change. Really let it out. It’s your personal journal, it’s okay to be honest with yourself. (If you can’t be honest with yourself, you’ll always find excuses and never lose the weight). It’s okay to shed a tear if you feel like it. In fact, that would be great for you because you NEED to see change is NECESSARY. This needs to be a raw, honest emotional journey into your own feelings.

Stop reading … do this NOW then come back to join me.

Okay, so you’ve recorded today’s date and your current weight in your journal?

Now it’s time to find your personal reasons to lose weight.
Write the following heading on a page …

Why Should I Start Dieting?

Now find your reasons for needing to start dieting.
Really be brutal with yourself. Find reasons not just to want to lose weight but why you NEED to lose weight. You need to find reasons to really push your emotions.

Here is a list of common motivational reasons I have heard –
(some might apply to you, use what applies on your list)

Self-Confidence Related
I want to look the best I can for my wedding day
Seat belts don’t fit
My weight makes me feel depressed
I am afraid to weigh myself on the scales
People have thought I am pregnant
I always feel that everyone is looking at me or pointing at me
I think my own partner feels ashamed of me
I hate my own image in the mirror
I am always the heaviest person
I don’t feel comfortable going to the beach
She won’t want me as a bridesmaid unless I lose weight

My weight is causing me back problems
I sweat more than I should
I feel tired all the time
I have swollen feet
I can’t play with the kids because I get too exhausted
Always having to buy new clothes of a bigger size
My inner thighs are chafing
I get sick more easily than most people
I find it difficult to get dressed
Obesity runs in the family (you CAN stop the trend!)

My children also have weight issues
No one wants to date me the way I look
My partner just broke up with me
My partner is always hinting for me to lose weight
My relationship is suffering because of my lack of sex drive

By now you should have a list of your reasons for needing to lose weight. List all that are appropriate from the above list and create at least 3 more of your own reasons. Do this now. Taking action immediately is absolutely crucial. Chances are if you don’t take action now, you aren’t serious and you are wasting your own time.

Realize that change starts NOW. With you.

Your future and your future body starts TODAY.
YOU are in control of your own tomorrow.
Will it be a more healthy tomorrow?

Keep motivated and start stripping that fat!

For REAL weight loss …


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