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October 6, 2008

Dieting Before A Wedding

Dieting before a wedding is one of the most common motivators of weight loss.

After all, this is the one day of your life that you know you are the star of the show! Also, you want to look your best for the big day. The way you look on your big day will be immortalized eterally in the hundreds of photographs taken that day by photographers and guests. If you are having a video done as well, this is even more inspiration again, as it is commonly known that video tends to “add a few pounds” to your image anyway!

But when is the best time to start getting in shape for the big day?

Well, better late than never is always true, but the more time you give it, the better the results you will see. Whilst it is possible to lose some weight in only a couple of weeks, if you give yourself 6 months you will see a massive and noticeable change. Imagine how good you will feel walking down the aisle looking in the best shape you ever have in your entire life? Imagine the looks on the faces of your guests that you haven’t seen for a few months! How good would that feel?

Do these thoughts motivate you to do something? I hope so! They are supposed to!

Care must be taken when choosing a diet for your big day however. Most commercial diets you will find won’t work! That is a bold statement I know, but it’s true! The reason (that most of them don’t want you to know) is that they give you an impressive weight loss in the first couple of weeks, but this is a “false” weight loss. Why? Because you are not losing any fat. You are losing fluid only. And this is actually very dangerous for your health at the best of times, but especially so for your big day.

After going on a fluid-loss “diet”, your body will be left starving for necessary fluids. In essence your body will be de-hydrated. And, speaking from experience of going through a wedding day. This is a day you will need all your energy. It truly is a very strenuous day with a lot of physical work required. (More than you realize until you’ve actually done it). Added to this, if you are outdoors for photos, you will be further dehydrated if it is a hot day.

It is little wonder it is so commonplace to see brides and/or grooms fainting on their special day. Sure, it makes great video to laugh at when it is at someone else’s expense, but do you really want that to be a memory for YOUR special day? Probably not!

So, my advice if you are seeking to lose weight on your special day …

Find a safe and effective way to lose weight. Do not be tempted by the commercial diets that will leave you feeling (and looking) worse than when you started!

A safe diet I recommend can be found at –


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