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October 7, 2008

Can You Lose Belly Fat With Diet?

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Can You Lose Belly Fat Through Diet?
Can You Lose Belly Fat Through Diet?

Yes, and no. What’s with the double answer? Read on …

Losing belly fat is probably the most common goal for dieters.
If you want proof, just look at the number of “ab” machines on the market!

Our stomach seems to be the part of ourselves that may of us notice if we are overweight.
You will often hear people saying things like “the fat just goes straight to my tummy”.
But you will also often hear “it will go straight to my thighs”.

Oddly enough, it’s not true! Sure, the fat DOES go to these places, but not just these places
exclusively. Your entire body will put on weight equally. It is just that we tend to notice
certain areas of our body more than others. Often women will notice excess weight on their thighs.

Why? Because women are more concerned about the appearance of their thighs than most men.

How often have you heard a man say “fat just goes straight to my thighs!”. Probably not often if at all.

Did you know that those wonderful “ab” workout machines don’t really work as advertised?
They will build your ab muscles no doubt, but there is no machine in the world that can let you lose the fat in just one area. It just isn’t possible. You can do a million crunches, sit-ups or work out on an ab machine 24/7 and have wonderfully strong abs, but if they are lying under a layer of fat … you’re not going to see them!

This same law applies to diets too. Just as physical exercise won’t allow you to lose fat on just one part of the body, neither will a diet. A diet will only allow you to lose fat equally over your entire body. The best plan of course is to diet and exercise. This gives you a “double whammy” and will strip your fat much faster than dieting alone.

The entire weight loss industry has made millions of dollars on the false promise of losing belly fat. They have carefully and expertly led thousands of people into a false belief. Before you fork out your hard earned money, think carefully. You are now armed with the knowledge that fat loss is a “whole body” process. The weight loss industry don’t want you to know this! This knowledge alone could save you from buying hundreds of dollars of useless products.

So, therefore the original answer at the beginning of this article. Yes, and no.

Yes, dieting can result in losing your belly fat, but you must understand that it is your belly fat and every other part of your body as well.

The best advise is to find a good diet and stick to a regular exercise routine.

I highly recommend the diet below … IT REALLY WORKS!
It even comes with a guarantee!


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