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October 7, 2008

Lose Weight With Diet Pills – Do They Work?

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Did you know that there are over 200 million people classified as overweight in the United States alone?

The weight loss industry LOVES that fact! And what’s more, many companies out there are doing very little to actually help you lose the weight! Think about it … if you keep overweight and keep buying their products … they stay in business. To make it “appear” like they are helping but to actually keep you on clever diets that will give you the “yo-yo” dieting rollercoaster ride is their true aim.

You know how it goes … you go on a diet. You lose weight. You stop the diet and you balloon back to bigger than when you started. So you either start the diet again (of find another one) and it happens all over again … and again … and again. All the time the manufacturers of these diet supplements and pills are laughing all the way to the bank.

Do diet pill work? In the short term they can. They often work on one of two principles –

  • Starvation

  • Fluid Loss

Some pills cause a feeling of “fullness” so that you don’t eat as much. This is “tricking” your body into thinking it is full. This is not much different than a starvation diet. Which we know doesn’t work. While you are on these pills, your body is being starved and will grab any food it can get and process to store in your body. The idea of course is that while you are on the pills, you aren’t giving it enough food to convert into fat. But when you come off these pills, your body is still in the mode of “grabbing” everything it can get and storing. So guess what you’ve just set your body up to do?

That’s right … you’ve turned your body into an absolutle “fat grabbing machine”!

(And don’t even THINK that you’ll just stay on these pills forever … this is highly dangerous and could even be fatal).

The other type of pills available work on the fluid loss method. They work by causing your body to lose fluid (not fat). Losing fluid definitely will result in you dropping weight, but weight you shouldn’t be dropping. Your body is 70% fluid and is supposed to be that way. Fluid loss diets result in a short-term weight loss and no fat loss at all. In fact, when you come off the diet your fat will still be there and your body will be (probably plus some) and all your fluid will return. You will actually be heavier than when you started.

Can you start to see why the diet pill companies LOVE this vicious dieting circle?

Because you will keep jumping from one pill to another, lining the pockets of the diet companies.

THE TRUTH: There IS NO miracle fat loss pill. Sad but true.

The best way to lose weight is to use a good diet, regular exercise and drink lots of water.

Be kind to your body …  VISIT –


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