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October 9, 2008

How Long Should I Diet?

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Asking the question how long should I diet, is similar to the proverbial question how long is a piece of string? By and large, the length of time that you should stay on a diet is largely dependent on the amount of weight that you need to loose. However, many diets currently on the market are not safe enough to stay on for extended periods of time (in fact, many of them I would not recommend for any period of time at all!)

As long as the diet that is chosen is a balanced, safe, sensible diet, it would be quite safe to stay on this diet for as long as is needed (even for life for medical reasons, or maintaining correct weight). Sadly, most commercial diets target only quick weight loss, and neglect long term needs of the body. Most of these diets are actually toxic and very harmful to your body’s natural chemistry.

As with all diets, you should be consulting your medical practitioner, on regular basis for regular check ups. I highly recommend regular blood tests to ensure that your cholesterol levels, lipids (LDL, HDL etc), glucose levels and possibly even hormones are within healthy and safe ranges. Without this regular monitoring, you could be not only damaging your body, but adding to any future/current medical conditions.

If you experience at any time, on any diet, feelings of fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, depression, or any unusual symptoms, please seek medical advice.

Before starting any diet, it is recommended that you visit your medical practitioner to discuss the diet program you are considering. Ask your medical practitioner to calculate your correct body weight so you have a target to aim for. This is often calculated based on height, sex and age. Once your target weight has been achieved, it is a simple matter of maintaining this weight. Maintaining your weight is a life long commitment, and a good education in a sensible diet plan is essential for healthy weight management.

If you find the right diet that suits you , maintenance need not be a complicated thing to do. A good sensible diet will easily integrate into your lifestyle, without great expense. A good diet will be one in which there is no need of supplements. Instead it will encourage you to use food that you can prepare at home. (Also saving your pocket from the expensive diet program alternatives!)

Some people will find that they will only need to lose a small amount of weight, while others will need to loose a significant amount of weight. The more weight you need to lose, the further away your target may feel; but plan your journey and celebrate small victories. Set a reasonable amount of weight that you and your practitioner agree is safe to loose in the first 6 months and aim for this. Keep your motivation high by joining a group or finding others that can share your experiences and set you back on the path when needed.

Good luck and happy weight management!


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