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Green Tea Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Green Tea and Dieting
By Denise Bergeron

The health benefits of green tea dieting can be great. The Chinese have known about these benefits for thousands of years. They use it to treat everything from headaches to depressions. In order to get the most from green tea and the health benefits that it offers you should read the information below and incorporate into your diet.

First you should know that by just drinking green tea you can help fight or cure cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infection and impaired immune systems. These benefits alone are worth drinking few cups of tea a week.

Green tea is special because it contains EGCG or epigallacatechin gallate. EGCG is a very powerful anti-oxidant. In fact it is so powerful that it can kill cancer cells without even harming the body. Green tea can also help to improve HDL (the good cholesterol) and LDL (the bad cholesterol.)

Lately green tea has been helping people with weight loss. When taken on a daily basis it has been determined by research to help you burn more calories as well. So if you are looking to lose a couple extra pounds you should try to mix some green tea into your diet every day.

This tea is unique from other teas and offers better benefits because of the way it is processed. You see green tea leaves are steamed which holds in the EGCE compound. Other teas are made by fermenting the leaves and during this process any help benefits are oxidized.

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